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Najd Doors Foundation

The ambition of leadership and the passion for excellence make us in a constant pursuit to be the best in the size and quality of our investments, armed with the constant development of our performance in line with our ambition,

and the diversification of our products in line with the desires of our customers to ultimately push us towards strengthening our competitive capabilities in all the activities in which we work.

To be one of the first general contracting establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, partners and clients must view us as an integral part of their success process.

We have the experience, skill and resources to meet the challenge of contracting business conditions with a commitment to delivery on time,

so we anticipate their needs and fulfill all our obligations towards them.

The community considers us responsible.

We have a history of careful planning, sound management, safe work sites, and commitment to the time factor.

Distinguished performance shows our respect for nature while limiting traffic disruption and other inconveniences to the communities in the places where we worked.

Its relationship with the surrounding community also maintains its legitimacy.

Our vision is also to be a leading contracting institution in the field of our business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the regions of the Arabian Gulf and the implementation of projects at the highest levels of international quality and in accordance with the technical principles recognized and approved globally through our highly experienced technical and administrative staff.

Najd Doors Foundation General Contracting Est.

considers that one of its main tasks is to provide our employees with everything they need.

from the atmosphere and capabilities to enable each employee to do his job perfectly and to give our customers the highest quality and the best service with integrity and high professionalism in construction operations, installations, maintenance and project management in general.

We strive to create A long-term relationship with our customers is based on quality, safety and speed of implementation.

To achieve this, we, the Najdi Doors Corporation, treat all employees transparently and involve them in decision-making circles in the processes of continuous development and quality achievement.

Our commitment to our employees with the values and principles that we established will enable the Najdi Doors Corporation To be not only one of the leading institutions in the Gulf and the Middle East.

but also in the world,,

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